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Statement on volatility of Overwatch® Herbicide.

16th July 2021

Statement on volatility of Overwatch® Herbicide.

There have been suggestions that Overwatch® Herbicide is made volatile by moisture and causing off-target damage in nearby paddocks.

The potential volatilization of bixlozone applied to soil has been tested by FMC under both field conditions and controlled conditions in a wind tunnel, including conditions that could be considered as worst-case scenario. These investigations demonstrated that the amount of volatilization was very low, even when the product was not incorporated into the soil. Also, bixlozone, the active ingredient, is expected to degrade rapidly in air, with a half-life of around 6 hours.

This data indicates that volatility is unlikely to be a significant source of off-target movement of bixlozone. The APVMA assessment also concluded that Overwatch Herbicide is not considered to be a volatile herbicide.

The extent of off-target bleaching observed in reports our team have investigated, has occurred tens or hundreds of metres from the site of application. Available data and information demonstrate that this off-target movement of Overwatch Herbicide is attributable to drift. This is also evident from a wide variety of experiences across all major broadacre cropping zones in Australia where Overwatch® Herbicide has been applied successfully without off-target bleaching.

Most importantly, we continue to work closely on a case by case basis with growers and our retail agents. Please reach out to your retail agronomist or contact us on 1 800 901 939 if you have any issues, questions, or positive feedback to share.

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