Overwatch™ Herbicide

New herbicide providing excellent Annual ryegrass control and more

A new herbicide, offering excellent Annual ryegrass control with a host of other weeds, is now available as a pre-emergent option in Wheat, Barley and Canola.

Overwatch® Herbicide, from Agricultural Sciences company FMC, has been showcased in trials for several years and will have its first year of commercial sales in 2021.

FMC Southern Regional Sales Manager, Simonne Read, said sites around the country included a major demonstration at Roseworthy, north of Adelaide.

“Roseworthy was predominantly an Annual ryegrass site, we had some good Ryegrass pressure and there was also some Bifora and other Broadleaf weeds,” Ms Read said.

"Overwatch® Herbicide is a unique herbicide, it’s a Group Q and offers a new option for growers to use as a pre-emergent. Registered to control Annual ryegrass but also picking up several broadleaf weeds - particularly Bifora - and Brome grass, Barley grass and Silver grass, Overwatch Herbicide ® also offers suppression of Radish and Capeweed, so the spectrum's quite nice.”

The site featured Overwatch® Herbicide demonstrations on each of the three registered crops, Wheat, Barley and Canola, as well as tank mixes with other herbicides. “Where we tank mixed it, particularly in a Canola TT situation, when tank mixed with a product such as Atrazine, or Simazine, we are really seeing an increase in the robustness of the chemistry,” Ms Read said.

“From a grower's perspective, we're taking a break from the traditional chemistry that's been used in that space and allowing the grower to bring in a new mode of action to combat that number one weed, Ryegrass.”

She said Overwatch® Herbicide gave comparable levels of control to the leading Annual ryegrass products on the market and the additional weed spectrum and alternative mode of action made it an excellent choice for growers.
“Like any pre-emergent herbicide, there's no silver bullet. It's a management program that needs to be taken into consideration but as a standalone herbicide, it is certainly offering a very satisfying level of control.”

Overwatch® Herbicide is also compatible with a broad range of other pre-emergent herbicides to broaden weed spectrum or to provide higher levels of weed control. Incorporating other modes of action is also recommended as part of an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) strategy to delay the onset of herbicide resistance.

The three crops on the label also provide growers with greater flexibility to consider the weed spectrum and the chemistry that has been used in the past.

“If Overwatch® Herbicide suits that spectrum of weeds in that paddock, they've got flexibility to be able to come in and make a cropping decision at the last minute. Growers could be planning on planting Canola and if the season has a dry start and goes beyond that optimum window of sowing Canola, they can easily alternate to Wheat or Barley.”

“Overwatch® Herbicide really does open up the spectrum of options that the grower can have when combatting a weed spectrum within their paddock.”

The herbicide is applied at 1.25 L/ha and should be incorporated by sowing. It has some unique and visual characteristics in controlling the weed species.

“With this product the Ryegrass actually emerges, and with the chemistry working on the plant, it runs out of energy and it turns this unique, pink colour,” Ms Read said.

“Overwatch® Herbicide shows good residual control for up to 12 weeks so later in the season we were still seeing the product being taken up by late emerging Ryegrass plants.”

She said Overwatch® Herbicide has been extremely consistent across many years and different growing conditions.

“With the unique mode of action, it's really going to give the growers a nice opportunity to alternate their chemistry. It is very consistent in its performance across Wheat, Barley and Canola."

FMC Southern Regional Sales Manager, Simonne Read excited about Overwatch herbicide released
into wheat, barley and canola this year.

The 2020 Overwatch® Herbicide site at Roseworthy, SA demonstrating the product’s effectiveness in
Canola, Wheat and Barley.

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