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Last month, FMC Head of Sales, George Saville and FMC ANZ Herbicide Portfolio Manager, Hugh Palmer travelled to the US with a group of FMC Australia’s most valued customers, including senior Agchem business managers and technical leaders.

Showcasing FMC as a Tier 1 crop protection company, the Australian team accompanied their guests on a tour of the FMC Philadelphia headquarters and the new technology under development at Stine Research Center.

FMC ANZ Country Manager Kristina Hermanson commented “the opportunity to showcase FMC’s technical and innovation capability alongside global leadership is an important part to gaining the confidence of our valued distribution partners as we progress towards the introduction of Overwatch® Herbicide. The trip provided confidence to the Overwatch® Herbicide launch as well as FMC’s long-term strategy and pipeline of technology”.

FMC Head of Sales, George Saville said, “It was an honour to host a group of our strategic customers at the FMC headquarters and Stine. The facilities were impressive, and our FMC Global hosts were tremendously hospitable and generous with their time”.

The group spent time at the Philadelphia headquarters meeting with FMC senior leadership including Pierre Brondeau, FMC CEO and Chairman, who provided a very candid insight into the modern FMC, the global market and FMC’s competitors.

Elders Technical Services Manager, Graham Page, one of the seven customers who joined the trip said, “It was a unique opportunity for me and a privilege to be included on the tour. To get first hand insight to the company direction and meet with global heads and the CEO was a once in a lifetime experience.”

During their time at the Stine Research Centre, the team met with Kathleen Shelton, FMC Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, who provided an insight into FMC’s R&D capability and pipeline, the highlight of the trip according to Mr Saville.

Under development at the research centre was FMC’s unique broadacre herbicide soon to be welcomed in the market. Hugh Palmer, FMC Herbicide Portfolio Manager said, “the opportunity to visit the Global Formulations Science lab and talk with the FMC scientists working on Overwatch® Herbicide gave me great confidence in the formulation capability behind this blockbuster herbicide.”

Following the visit to Stine, Mr Page reiterated the comments of Mr Palmer, saying, “the discussion we had as a group with the inventors and researchers really pointed out to me how unique this opportunity is for Australian farmers, and why Overwatch® Herbicide has the potential to become the new leader in pre-emergent chemistry for Ryegrass and BLW control in Wheat, Barley and Canola.”

In showcasing FMC as a true Tier 1 crop protection company and providing key customers with the opportunity to interact with the senior leadership and scientists at FMC globally the Australian team are continuing to focus on customer centricity and building enduring customer relationships.

On returning from the US, the team reflected on how unique the opportunity was for competing distribution partners to travel together. Mr Page said, “I have made new friendships and now have a new network of professionals. Many companies have tried this before and failed, so well done to FMC on picking the right people for the trip.”

“Our customers came away with a renewed perception of FMC as a key player and business partner in the global agricultural chemicals market. For me, I returned from the US feeling proud to be working at FMC” said Mr Saville.

The team at the FMC Tower in Philadelphia

The team at the FMC Tower in Philadelphia with FMC CEO and Chairman.

(L-R) Tim Condon Delta Ag, Hugh Palmer FMC, Andrew Munzer CRT YP Ag, Tony Rosser CRT Great Northern Rural, George Saville FMC, Pierre Brondeau FMC, Graham Page Elders, Gerard O’Brien Western Ag Supplies, John Young Elders and Ash Batten AgNVet Services 

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