Overwatch® Herbicide has long-lasting, residual control of Annual ryegrass (including herbicide resistant biotypes) and regionally specific broadleaf weeds.

Its active ingredient Bixlozone, trademarked Isoflex™ active, is a Group Q molecule, making it a unique weed control option in the Australian broadacre market. Overwatch® Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide for application as an IBS (Incorporated By Sowing) treatment in Wheat, Barley, Canola, Faba beans and Field peas.

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2021 Season Highlights

Filmed March 2022
Jake Rademacher, Grower Supples, Warooka, South Australia
Jake Rademacher talks about the Overwatch® herbicide control for in wheat.
Filmed March 2022
Darren Pech, Elders Jamestown, South Australia
Darren Pech talks about the performance of Overwatch® herbicide on bifora, milk thistle and ryegrass.
Filmed March 2022
Darren Schilling, YP Ag, Kadina, South Australia
Darryn Schilling talks about the exceptional control of bifora with Overwatch® herbicide
Filmed March 2022
Sam Holmes, Nutrien Arthurton, South Australia
Sam Holmes talks about ryegrass and broadleaf control with
Overwatch® herbicide.
Filmed October 2021
James Madden, Independent Consultant, Southern New South Wales
Agronomist, James Madden explains why he calls the pre-emergent herbicide, Overwatch, a “game-changer.”
Filmed October 2021
Glenn Shepherd, Independent Agronomist, Central New South Wales
Unique pre-emergent herbicide, Overwatch, is helping agronomist, Glenn Shepherd address the challenges of resistant weeds in central New South Wales.
Filmed October 2021
Steve Todd, Private Agronomist,
New South Wales
Steve Todd, private agronomist discusses how pre-emergent herbicide, Overwatch fits into weed control strategies – “I find it pretty exciting that we can use it over wheat, barley, and canola.”
Filmed October 2021
Jim Cronin, Agronomist, Nutrien Ag, Central New South Wales
Jim Cronin, agronomist for Nutrien Ag, says employing new pre-emergent chemistry like Overwatch is an important factor in controlling resistant ryegrass in winter crops.
Filmed October 2021
Maurie Street, Grain Orana Alliance, (GOA) New South Wales
Maurie Street discusses the advantages of pre-emergent herbicide Overwatch.
“The weed control from Overwatch was really good, under some pretty serious ryegrass pressure.”
Filmed October 2021
Terry Edis, Private Agronomist, Southern New South Wales
Terry Edis looked at the performance of pre-emergent herbicide, Overwatch at trial sites and tried it in cropping systems this year.
Filmed October 2021
Nick Eckermann, Farmer, New South Wales
Nick Eckermann used Overwatch herbicide in paddocks where he had a ryegrass issue last season.
“It gave us that good, early, pre-emergent option.”
“It was still working into the spring and the broadleaf weeds as well.”

2020 Season Highlights

Filmed August 2019
FMC Herbicide Portfolio Manager, Hugh Palmer, “It is a really visual product”
Filmed August 2019
Hugh Palmer, FMC Herbicide Portfolio Manager, explaining the need for a new herbicide in Australia to control ryegrass.
Filmed August 2019
Rolfe Ambach, FMC Global Portfolio Manager, providing an insight into FMC bringing a new mode of action into the market.
Filmed August 2019
Stephen Pettenon, FMC Technical Extension Specialist “The opportunity to get involved in a new active was exciting”

Overwatch® Herbicide in Action

Filmed July to November 2019
Filmed June to September 2019
Filmed June to August 2019
Filmed August to September 2019

Video Testimonials

Filmed September 2020
Filmed September 2020
Filmed July 2020
Filmed September 2020
Filmed September 2020

Virtual Tours

Roseworthy Virtual tour
Horsham Virtual Tour
Temora Virtual Tour
Photographs taken through season 2020

Articles and Abstracts

Overwatch® Herbicide article in Rural Business

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Bixlozone announcement - 27th Asia Pacific Weed Science Society Conference 2019, Kuching, Malaysia
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FMC Showcases its global facilities article
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FMC Introduces Revolutionary Herbicide to Australia market
Download Article
Revolutionary herbicide now available for Australian market

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Trial sites highlight Overwatch performance in lead-up to release
Download Article
Virtual tours used to highlight herbicide performance

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    • We are proud to deliver a new mode of action to tackle Australia’s most problematic weeds. And even more proud that we will be the first country to launch this new chemistry - helping to secure the future of farming in Australia.”
      Kristina Hermanson, FMC ANZ Country Manager
    • “Overwatch® Herbicide will be a new tool for growers who are looking for different modes of action to manage resistance, and are looking for different ways to knock down weeds and control them.”
      Tim Obrigawitch, FMC Global Technical Product Manager
    • “Overwatch® Herbicide will be a pretty amazing bit of chemistry, Group Q, a new group, will be a new mode of action into wheat, barley and canola. It is a pre-emergent herbicide, doing a fantastic job equal to the market leaders in ryegrass but also picking up some regionally specific broadleaf weeds as well.”
      Hugh Palmer, FMC Herbicides Product Manager
    • “OOverwatch® Herbicide, proposed as a new group for use as a pre-em for wheat, barley and canola has certainly got the WA agriculture community very excited.  We are widening the battle for ryegrass resistance and the farmers in our patch are very excited about it.”
      Derek Burgess, FMC Western Regional Manager
    • “Ryegrass is a bugger of a weed. Australian producers spend more dollars controlling that particular weed than all other weeds combined. We’re really struggling with ryegrass in our intensive system, resistence is a big issue. So coming out with a new mode of action and a new option is great news for everyone.”
      Stephen Pettenon, FMC Technical Extension Specialist
    • “Overwatch® Herbicide will bring a new mode of action into wheat and barley, in particular, targeting ryegrass and it is demonstrating control of some additional broadleaves, some suppression of wild radish and control of Bifora and other weeds.”
      Tim Obrigawitch, FMC Global Technical Product Manager
    • “The feedback from all the Overwatch® Herbicide trial sites this year is that the weed control just gets better over time. That’s because it is very persistent. Our observations suggest that it will last for about 10 weeks.”
      Stephen Pettenon, FMC Technical Extension Specialist
    • “Ryegrass is a huge problem in wheat and in canola and they’re running out of good options to control it. Overwatch® Herbicide will bring a new mode of action for Australia.”
      Rolfe Ambach, FMC Global Portfolio Manager
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